8 Shaker Kitchen Styles — From The Modern To The Traditional


Thanks to their timeless, elegant looks, shaker kitchens have remained popular for hundreds of years. Their impressive heritage often leads us to think of them as a more traditional option. However, there’s much more to shaker kitchens than classic country interiors and rustic farmhouse hearths. Shaker kitchens are incredibly versatile. Whether you’re envisaging something minimal and modern or grand and luxurious, there are hundreds of ways to customise your design to achieve your desired look. We’ve gathered some of our favourite shaker kitchen styles below to help you find inspiration.

What Are Shaker Kitchens?

Before we start, we thought we’d shed some light on the shaker kitchen and what makes them so special. Shaker kitchens feature a simple door consisting of a recessed centre panel and a four-piece frame. While their iconic design makes them easy to identify, there’s more to the shaker kitchen than meets the eye. Shaker kitchens are named after a religious group informally known as The Shakers. Their devout and humble lifestyle saw them produce exquisite yet utilitarian furniture. In fact, the distinctive framed design that typifies the shaker kitchen came about as a means of maximising durability whilst minimising waste. The Shaker’s craftsmanship and ingenuity has earned this archetypal design its status.

The Classic Shaker Kitchen

Elegant, inviting and right at home in a charming rural retreat, the classic shaker is perhaps the look we’re most familiar with. Classic shaker kitchens are synonymous with soft, neutral hues. Beiges, greys, creams and muted pastels make an excellent choice. A wonderful range cooker, characterful flagstone floor and simple metro tiles bring a traditional yet timeless feel to the beautiful country kitchen below.

Traditional Meets Two-Tone

Deep blue also complements a traditional style shaker design, establishing a classic yet up-to-date aesthetic. Introducing an accent colour is a great way to add depth and character to your interior without overwhelming your space or sacrificing the cosy, traditional feel. A combination of tongue and groove panelling, vintage wall lights and natural wood bring a wonderful sense of character to this traditional shaker kitchen.

Timeless & Elegant Grey Shaker Kitchen

If you’re looking for something graceful, sophisticated and truly timeless, a shaker kitchen in a soft, elegant grey won’t disappoint. Glass-fronted cabinets add a beautiful touch of luxury, creating the perfect place to display crockery and glassware. Opting for a modern American-style fridge freezer is an excellent way to introduce an informal, family-orientated quality to a more traditional space.

Opulent Tones & Luxurious Accents

Dramatic marble splashbacks and worktops will set a luxurious tone to your room. Pair this with on-trend colour drenching in a rich hue, and your kitchen will be transformed into a stylish and sumptuous space. Classic details such as brass cup handles, parquet flooring and a stunning mantle complete the look.

Versatile Blue Hues & Statement Splashbacks

If you’re keen to embrace a confident colour scheme but would prefer something clean and contemporary, a bold modern splashback could offer the ideal solution. As such a prominent feature, your choice of splashback and work surfaces can radically alter the look and feel of your interior. Unfussy handles and sleek appliances will also bring your vibrant shaker kitchen up to date.

The Modern Monochrome Shaker

Monochrome kitchens never go out of fashion. However, while white kitchens reigned supreme for many years, this year, the focus is on black. An all-black shaker kitchen makes for a stunning design statement. Pair with sleek black handles and modern accessories for the ultimate contemporary take on the iconic shaker style.

Luxury kitchen design

The Scandi-Inspired Shaker

In contrast to the short dark Nordic winter days, Scandinavian interiors are often bright and cosy. Their practical and elegant, nature-inspired aesthetic has taken the world by storm. If you’d like to bring a touch of Scandi chic to your kitchen, the shaker style offers a fantastic canvas. Pair a neutral palette with natural wood accents and black finishing touches to emulate the pared-back Scandi look. 

Contemporary Handleless Shaker Kitchens

In recent years, a new style of shaker kitchen has emerged — the handleless shaker. Combining classic shaker detailing with a streamlined contemporary finish, the handleless shaker is perfect for those looking for something timeless yet minimal and modern. Beautifully curated floating shelves and stylish pendant lights elevate this sophisticated contemporary shaker kitchen even further.

The simple shaker is undeniably one of the most versatile kitchen styles. From bold colour schemes to contemporary accessories, there are hundreds of ways to personalise your design. Whether you’re envisaging a clean, modern interior or a sumptuous traditional space, a shaker kitchen could be a perfect choice. If you’d like to browse our collection of shaker kitchens in more detail, please click here. Alternatively, click here to arrange a visit to our fantastic Bolton showroom to see them in person.