Stress-Free Fully Managed Home Renovations By AD3

Whether you’re updating an existing space or investing in a stunning new extension, making your perfect kitchen a reality can be a time-consuming and stressful process. From disposing of your current units and sourcing materials to organising tradespeople and communicating your plans, there are a series of complex steps behind transforming your space.

At AD3 Design, our experienced and professional team of designers, project managers, and fitters are happy to oversee your renovation for you. We will ensure each stage of your project is carried out on schedule and in line with our exacting standards. During your journey, our team will be available to answer your questions and provide expert support. With the wonderful AD3 team behind you, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

In-Depth Design Consultation

Your initial design consultation is that all-important first step where we start to talk about your kitchen. When we say talking, the process actually involves far more listening. Our experienced designers will listen carefully to you to understand exactly what you hope to achieve from your space, both in terms of your practical requirements and style.

No matter where you are in your journey, we always recommend sitting down for a friendly chat about your project. Whether you’ve got loads of ideas or you’re struggling for inspiration, our team is here to help. We’ll find out how you use your kitchen, what you love to cook, your likes and dislikes and how your kitchen fits in with your household. We leave no stone unturned in our mission to create your perfect bespoke kitchen.

Your design consultation is a crucial part of your kitchen journey as it’s the ideal opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to discover how we can help.​ We can meet to discuss your plans in the comfort of your own home or at our beautiful Bolton showroom; it’s really up to you.

Design Development

Once we’ve got a clear idea of all your requirements, our talented team will start to bring your design to life using the latest cutting-edge CAD software. Our realistic detailed designs are great for giving you an accurate picture of how your beautiful new kitchen will look. They provide a fantastic starting point to begin fine-tuning your space.

The best way to decide on the features you want to include in your finished kitchen is to visit our Bolton showroom. We have a stunning variety of gorgeous worktops, doors, handles and appliances to explore to help you make exactly the right choices for your space. When you’re completely delighted with every detail, we’ll invite you to sign off on your bespoke design. With your deposit placed, you’re ready to take the next steps towards bringing your vision to life.

Professional Survey

It’s vital that we take a full survey of your home to ensure that everything included in your design fits and works with your space exactly as you’d imagined. We’ll check where all your wiring and plumbing will need to go, investigating anything we might need to do to ensure your new kitchen is safe, reliable and simply beautiful! While not always completely foolproof, conducting a full survey is the best way to prevent any unforeseen issues from affecting our agreed schedule. Generally, our surveys take up to two hours.

Getting Your Space Ready

With your survey complete, we should have a clear idea of the work needed to prepare your space. While this most commonly includes removing your existing kitchen, moving services, and making good your walls, you may also require small building works such as erecting or removing walls or moving doors etc.

As part of our fully managed service, we are happy to conduct these works for you. Alternatively, we can liaise with your current builder to make sure all the necessary preparations are carried out to our detailed specifications. Here at AD3 Design, we work with a highly skilled team of partner tradespeople who we trust to carry out our work to the highest standards. Quality is always our number one priority, from design to installation.

The Installation

This is it! The day you’ve been waiting for, the day the magic happens. With all your appliances and kitchen materials delivered ready to go, our highly experienced in-house team will arrive at your home to fit your beautiful new kitchen. Our professional trained fitters are extremely methodical; they will install your kitchen with painstaking precision, and best of all, they always clean up after themselves! At AD3 Design, we appreciate that having workmen in your home can be inconvenient, and thus we always make sure our team do their utmost to treat your space with respect.

The End Of Your AD3 Design Journey

Before asking you to sign off your kitchen installation, our specialist project manager will check every detail of your space to ensure they’re satisfied with the work. You will also have an opportunity to check that you’re happy with our workmanship and that everything you were expecting to find is in its rightful place and looking top-notch.

Finally, we’ll leave you in peace, free to settle into your beautiful new fitted kitchen. We hope that your stunning new bespoke interior gives you fantastic pleasure for years to come. If you ever have any issues with your kitchen, you can rest safe in the knowledge that we’ll always be here to help. Just pop into our showroom or give us a ring.