How a Streamlined Kitchen Keeps the Comfort Factor


People can be wary of a streamlined kitchen. Whereas the minimalist approach offers sleekness and clean lines, there is a lingering suspicion that it might be just too cool for comfort.

As kitchen design specialists in Bolton, we take these concerns on board, but here we’ll explain why a streamlined kitchen can still be a place of comfort, and the heart of your home.

The Kitchen as Social Hub

The kitchen is a working space, but it is also a kind of social hub. It’s where family members eat, and pop in and out of. Kids do their homework in the kitchen. It might be where the dog has its bed.

Yes, there is an ideal concept of the kitchen as a kind of futuristic, architectural marvel, but that’s a bit like seeing an artist’s impression of a building before people occupy it.

Here’s a thing with your kitchen, whatever design you choose for it, you must consider the people who’ll use it first.

Does this mean a minimalist, streamlined kitchen isn’t going to be your thing?

Of course not.

The streamlined kitchen is ideal precisely because of its status as the hub of the home.

Clean lines, smooth surfaces and a good use of space don’t add up to coldness. What they do is optimise the available space, so that when people use it, they can get the most out of it.

Form and Function

Your streamlined kitchen can be a bright, welcoming space, while also being supremely functional.

Form and function is the perfect combination for minimalist, modern kitchens. It can mean a huge difference to how you cook, entertain and make the most of your living space.

The first thing to consider about kitchen design is ensuring that it’s purposeful.

This means that it has a focal point, such as a dining area, or worktops. It also must give you and everyone who uses it enough space – to cook (naturally), but also just to be in and enjoy.

Finally, a purposeful design will maximise storage while keeping it clean and convenient.

Layout is Crucial

To make the best use of the available space you have, it’s crucial that you plan your kitchen layout carefully.

This doesn’t just matter if you’re space is limited. Even in larger kitchens, you need to be careful that you’re not wasting available space.

Kitchens will have a natural workspace that is triangular. This centres on three key elements in any kitchen: the stove, the fridge and the sink.

So, although the kitchen often serves as a social space, it is this central triangle of activity that should drive the overall layout.

Comfort Not Clutter

What you can find when considering a new kitchen, is how much your old kitchen has become a magnet for clutter. Things seem to have migrated there from all over the house, contributing to a sense of messiness.

Your new, streamlined kitchen can still be comfortable, but without the clutter.

Look at this process before you fit your new kitchen, when you’re clearing out the existing space.

When you find things that have migrated to the kitchen but don’t belong there, return them and make a note not to allow them back in again.

Set new rules. Making your new kitchen comfortable doesn’t mean taking liberties, but rather using the space in the way that it’s been designed.

You still can cook, eat and socialise in it.

Free Kitchen Design

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